Celebrating at St Michael’s

St Michael’s celebrates the faith dimension of the school by a live Nativity Play at Christmastime, with every child being involved, and the inclusion of live camels, a donkey and sheep to recreate the night Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The school also involves every child in the retelling of The Story of Holy Week where all in the community are invited to attend.

St Michael’s Catholic Primary School also celebrates student academic achievement by hosting an annual Academic Achievement Ceremony where each child is acknowledged for their learning growth. The school was in the media as it achieved ‘biggest improvements in NAPLAN results”.

NAPLAN: How every school performed in southwest Sydney in last 5 years

Being grateful is also a key feature at the school as part of our Positive Education program and the school hosts a high tea for all mums, carers and grandmothers and a breakfast BBQ for dads, carers and grandads to express our gratitude for their support and partnership with the school.